Surf Fishing Bait Cannons for Sale

Explore our wide selection of high-quality surf fishing bait cannons for sale! Cast your bait with precision and power using our air-powered launchers, designed for unforgettable surf fishing experiences. Elevate your fishing game today!
Big Bertha Air-Powered Bait Cannon for Surf Fishing

Big Bertha

Price: $1,395.00

Surfcast up to 300m from shore effortlessly! Big Bertha stands tall with a self-contained folding stand, providing stability and ease of use.

Surf Smasher Handheld Bait Cannon for Travel-Friendly Surf Fishing

Surf Smasher

Price: $1,150.00

Travel-friendly surfcasting! Surf Smasher is a compact handheld Bait Cannon, casting up to 200m, perfect for anglers on the go.


Bait Slugs

Price: $8.50

Following extensive market research and viability of a specialised sinker that will suit fresh bait fishing and frozen bait fishing. The sinker is designed to hold in the sand once the bait is released and the sinker is set. It has an average weight of 7oz and is aerodynamic. Minimum order of 10 sinkers.

6oz Molded Sinkers for Precise Bait Cannon Casting


Price: $65.00

Enhance your surf fishing with our 6oz molded sinkers! Perfectly crafted for bait cannon shots, these high-quality sinkers guarantee precise and powerful casting.