Surf Smasher

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$1,150.00 NZD

Travel-friendly surfcasting! Surf Smasher is a compact handheld Bait Cannon, casting up to 200m, perfect for anglers on the go.


Introducing Surf Smasher, the ultimate handheld Bait Cannon for anglers on the go. Cast your bait up to 200 meters into the ocean from the shore, enjoying the convenience of this compact and travel-friendly device. Despite its size, Surf Smasher boasts exceptional surfcasting capabilities, making it the perfect companion for your fishing adventures. Crafted with high-pressure fittings rated at 167psi and top-notch PVC, stainless steel, and brass fittings, Surf Smasher ensures durability and safety. The Surf Smasher Package includes 10 sinkers, an air pump, 3 freezer molds, and an instruction manual. Embrace the thrill of surf fishing wherever you roam with Surf Smasher!