Big Bertha

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$1,395.00 NZD

Surfcast up to 300m from shore effortlessly! Big Bertha stands tall with a self-contained folding stand, providing stability and ease of use.


Discover the power of Big Bertha, our flagship air-powered Bait Cannon designed to revolutionize surf fishing. Effortlessly cast your bait up to 300 meters into the ocean from the shore, reaching prime fishing spots previously out of reach. With a self-contained folding stand, Big Bertha stands tall, providing unmatched stability and ease of use. Its superior construction, including high-pressure fittings rated at 167psi, ensures a safe and durable fishing experience. The Big Bertha Package includes 10 sinkers, an air pump, 3 freezer molds, and an instruction manual. Elevate your surf fishing adventures with Big Bertha today!